Praise from God?

Momma and Gideon compliments of Lacey Meyers Photography

Momma and Gideon, compliments of            Lacey Meyers Photography

Romans 2:29 says the circumcised man’s praise is not from man but FROM GOD.

We get praise from God?

Let’s phrase this another way. Have you ever heard that we should Fear God and thought, I am so confused.

Well, have you ever been concerned what others think of you? Ever been afraid to let someone down? Or thought if you did something well enough someone would give you praise?

There’s a BIG difference between praise from man and praise from God.

Praise from man is a result of works of man.

Praise from God is the result of works from GOD! It’s Gift praise.

First, by the Holy Spirit, he cuts the brokenness and sinfulness out of our hearts. He COMPLETELY excises the festering, burning shrapnel out of us. To be sure He cuts deep. Then when it’s out, He heals us up and looks upon us with joy.

He praises His good work.

Genesis 1:31, “And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.”

Dear Jesus, thank you that it is by Your great work I am made very good. And by your crucifixion and resurrection, I have your righteousness in place of my brokenness. Amen.


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