Worldly Counsel

Before my pancreas surgery in August of 2012, my husband and I met with our community group leader and his wife.  In God’s divine wisdom, he opened up the book of Job.  I hadn’t ever really finished reading that book of the Bible.  I became too discouraged half way through.  But, that day, my community group leader brought out some key points from the book of Job. One of which was,

 Many of Job’s friends and even his wife gave him worldly counsel!

Those who love us, want so badly to say something that helps.

 Job’s wife saw the torment and suffering that God had allowed to befall them and told him to despise God.

 But Job persevered in trusting God over man.

 At the time I didn’t realize the significance of this particular point.  I was in a time of relative peace and had no idea of the suffering I would soon endure.  The suffering God would soon allow into my life.  He was going to perform heart surgery on me and he would use my worst fear to do it. (see my new testimony)

I also didn’t know that a family member would say that perhaps, I was sick because I hadn’t forgiven my Dad.  Or that a dear friend would question if I saw evidence of the Holy Spirit in my life in the last ten years. 

As if to say, “Perhaps you are an enemy of God.”

But, like Job’s wife, it didn’t point me to Christ.  It pointed me toward myself and therefore away from God, to look inward. 

 I do not wish to demonize those close to me that gave wrong counsel. 

 I know that what these loved ones said was out of genuine concern.

They didn’t know what satan was doing.

The fact is, God allowed that too. 

God permitted Satan’s attacks! On my flesh and through loved ones.

God also did this with Job.  I could recall what my community group leader had shared with me from the book of Job.  I took comfort in knowing the answer to this question,

Why did God allow Satan to do such horrible things? What kind of good God would do this?

God permitted these things because He knew the faith of Job and knew that Satan and Hell would not see Job recant his faith.

 After all, God knew the faith He gave Job.  Like Job, God knew the faith he would give me. 

 God knows the faith He will give you!

 Romans 12:12, “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

 God is sovereign and permits Satan to do evil works.  But just as he is sovereign over  Satan he is also sovereign over your faith and all things.

 Dear Jesus, I pray that you will speak through me.  I pray you will silence the liar and not allow me to be an agent for his purposes.  Thank you for the gift of faith.  That all I have to do is be still and know that you are God.  Thank you Lord for giving me the faith required to give forgiveness generously because while I was still a sinner you forgave me.  I pray that you will help others to know that in you they too are forgiven. Amen.


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