Life’s Triumphs!

I see God’s grace in my life wherever I turn.

God’s grace is everywhere!

For instance, thinking of my two sons: Hank and Gideon.  They’re boys.  One day they’ll be men.  I pray men of God.  

 The legacy of Christ is in my family line. Triumph!

 But, today we are rejoicing in smaller triumphs.

Our one year old, Gideon is walking!


Gideon is a very happy boy!


Gideon 16 months old out for a walk with momma and brother (February 2013)

And, our two year old, Hank is Potty Trained!


Hank holding his prize wind up rattle snake that he won after filling up his “Poo and Pee Chart”.


It’s tough to get appropriate photo’s of an unclothed toddler! Hank (February 2013)


Hank just decided he doesn’t want to wear diapers, or clothes! He’s become confident on the toilet and now poops and pee’s there. The “potty training”  process took just over a week thanks to the Three Day Potty Training Book.  While playing outside the other day he ran up to me saying, “Ah! I need a change.”  Though he wasn’t seeing the humor in the situation, I had to force back laughter.  He was adorable!  In we went to change his clothes, even his socks.  Then back out to play. That was the first day of training and he only had 5 accidents.  Day two he had 2 accidents and now he rarely does.  I couldn’t be more delighted with the progress our boys are making.

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the recent triumphs in our boys’ lives.  I pray one day they will come to know and love you.  I pray you will work through me and Bart to show Hank and Gideon who you are.  I pray they will be Godly Men and raise up Godly children.  May your kingdom multiply. Amen.


4 thoughts on “Life’s Triumphs!

  1. Oh, what sweet, happy faces. What’s amazing about little ones, is even when you don’t see physical “triumphs,” in the oh-so-quiet times, their little minds are taking in so much. And then you turn around or “blink,” and your little one demonstrates a new discovery or triumph! We are so blessed to share in God’s miracles…Hank and Gideon!
    XOXO to H&G from Grammie

  2. Those guys are so awesome. I loved the pictures and the updates!!!! I love the way you see the simple joys and the big milestones in a way framed by God’s divine plan. How blessed we all are that your healing is a part of God’s plan. How blessed your family is to have you at home again. Healthy again. 🙂 How blessed you are to have them! I am SO missing you all.

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