Bart’s Birthday Weekend

Last weekend Bart had his 34th birthday.  He just gets more handsome every year.  I am excited to see how amazing he’ll look as an old man one day. 🙂


Daddy and Hank looking at snakes.

We did it big, in our own little way.  Bart the boys and I all went to the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, WA.  My mother-in-law has graciously given us a zoo membership for Christmas the past several years.  Going to the zoo is the perfect way to get outside and have a ton of fun as a family.

Our first stop is almost always the “Plaza Cafe” where we get coffee.  This trip was on Bart’s birthday weekend so we decided to go all out.  Mocha’s for the adults, an alligator shaped juice bottle for Hank and the large coconut kettle corn for everyone.  Gideon loves that popcorn and we kept him well stocked in the stroller.  As usual we saw the elephants, tigers and sharks.  Then we went to the large “Kids Zone” area where the boys ran and played on large plastic animals.  They also went down the slides.  Though it was a little scary (for me)to let little Ditto (Gideon) go down by himself, he absolutely loved it.  He may be a quiet tike but he is brave.


Funny sign at the Plaza Cafe, I see lids…


Hank and Momma playing on a hippo.


Hank actually smiling for the camera!


Gideon on a giant rope web.


Brave Gideon.


“Old man” Hank snacking on the go. He looks so grown up in this picture even though he’s only two.

Afterward we went home to put the boys to down for their nap and Bart went out to a range to shoot his compound bow!  I wish I could go with him but, I wouldn’t trade our kiddos for the world.  Besides, he still had a lot of fun. 🙂

Sunday was Bart’s actual birthday and we went to North West Trek wildlife refuge to ride the tram and see some more animals.  We wound up spending three hours there and had an absolute blast!  Thanks to a coupon from our zoo membership (Thank you Grammie!), our family of four got in for the price of one adult. 🙂

Our family at NW Trek 2/17/2013

Our family at NW Trek 2/17/2013

Afterwards we went home.  I worked in the kitchen while the boys napped and Bart worked outside.  Bart’s brother Boe joined us for dinner. 🙂


Family photo courtesy of Boe Balko. 2/17/2013


Bart’s birthday dinner: Steak quesadillas with homemade tortillas and quinoa.


Homemade German chocolate cake from scratch.

I’d say Bart’s birthday weekend was a success!

Dear Jesus, thank your for Bart.  Thank you that we got to enjoy your creation this weekend in celebration of his birthday. Please give him many more birthdays for us to celebrate. Amen.


3 thoughts on “Bart’s Birthday Weekend

  1. For 34 years I have thanked God for our dear son, Bart. He has always been a joy. I loved seeing the photos of his birthday weekend. He is such a good husband and father!
    XOXO to H&G from Grammie

  2. Wonderful job of capturing Bart’s 34th in picture and in the spirit of celebrating!!! I enjoyed this post so much! Happy Birthday (again) Bart. Great work Erica. xxoo

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