Gideon is an absolute delight and looks strikingly like his Daddy.  I’m confident he will grow up to look like Bart.  Oh how handsome.

Like his Daddy, Gideon is generous.  Don’t get me wrong if you take his toy he will give you an ear full.  But if you give him a snack he’s likely to share it with you.

You know what?  No matter how slobbery that string cheese is, I take a bite and say thank you.  There it is tightly clenched in those sweet glistening baby fingers.  I just can’t pass it up.

Gideon also likes to share snuggles. Lots and lots of snuggles.  In this way, Hank and Gideon are opposites.  I’m lucky if I can get a hug from Hank once a week.  Gideon however, will cuddle for an hour every single day, maybe more.  I intend to fully enjoy it while he still fits so neatly on my lap.  I realize the day will come (too soon) when he’s big.  I love how he rests his head against mine.  I love how he rests his nose against mine.


Gideon and Momma nose to nose cuddle 2/17/13

Gideon shares his tickley fingers too!  Now that he’s getting walking down he’s taken to walking up to me grinning with his hands out front poised and ready for attack.  Then he sticks them on my neck and grins really big.  I pretend to laugh and he giggles too.


Dear Jesus, thank you for giving Bart and me the best of both worlds with our two boys.  Gideon is so precious to me.  I could just cuddle him forever.  Thanks for that too. Amen.


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