“Second Shift”

Around our house we have this expression called, “Second Shift”.  In the work world this often refers to a night shift.  Well the same holds true at home.

Before we had children we read up as best we could on sleep training.  Well, let me tell you…


Sleep training?  That’s funny stuff!

To be fair God freed us of the second shift when Hank was 17 months old, one week before Gideon arrived.  So as you can guess… Being pregnant and not sleeping well anyway, the week off was hardly filled with z’s.

I have friends who speak of their two month old sleeping through the night.  While I’m very happy for them, I am also not a mother of those children.  Gideon definitely waited to start sleeping all night until very recently and he is 17 months old.  Wait, I see a trend.

I am so thankful for our boys and the times I got to spend with them up late in the night.  I quickly realized that while nursing them, going more than four hours led to me needing to sit with the pump at 2am instead of nursing my sweet baby.  I found this very distasteful and would rather wake them to feed them than sit in the cold dining room pumping in the middle of the night for three times as long as it would take to just nurse.

I am also thankful for the extra cuddles.  Regrettably, I prayed to God fervently for Hank to just sleep so I could.  I became so concerned with sleep.

God is faithful.

He didn’t answer my prayer with a ‘yes’, He changed me instead.  With Gideon I had a different heart.  I no longer clung to sleep, I cuddled my sweet sleepy squishy baby boy.

Night after night after night, on the second shift.

Now when one of the boys gets sick (or both) and they cannot sleep, I look at Bart and say, “Well we better pray before I start second shift.”  We both grin and off I go to work.

Dear Jesus, I pray in thanks for this special time you gave me in the boys’ lives. I actually miss it now.  I pray you will comfort other Mom’s of children who don’t “sleep train” when the books say they should.  And the times when even the best sleepers can’t rest because of illness, nightmares or any of the other hiccups children experience.  Thank you for your faithfulness to always carry me through whatever challenges lay ahead. Amen.


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