Macaroni and Cheese (sneaky momma)

At our house we go through a lot of Kraft macaroni and cheese.  Maybe I should buy stock and get a little return on my money.

As a Mom, I realize I feed my family.  Nutritious or not, it hits the table because I made it.  I’m responsible for helping our family eat well.  I realize that good food is good medicine and helps the body do it’s job of self repair.  Plus, we have two small growing boys and they need all the nutrition they can get.

Boxed Macaroni and Cheese really isn’t healthy.

What’s a Mom to do?  Ever tried to feed a toddler?  They can be quite picky.

I tried making different homemade recipes that were perhaps a bit more healthy than the boxed variety.  At least the cheese was real.  But, Hank would hardly touch it.

Home made macaroni was the wrong color.

How do you make it that “out of a box, powder cheese packet, orange”?

Dun dah da da!

Juice a Carrot!

I juiced several and froze them in an ice-cube tray for future use.

I juiced several carrots and froze them in an ice-cube tray for future use.

No kidding, it’s that simple. If you don’t have a juicer steam it and puree it in a blender.  While you’re at it make a bunch of carrot juice and freeze it in ice-cube trays for later.


See! That homemade carrot mac looks really orange like the boxed stuff.

All I do is make a basic white sauce then remove the pot from heat and add the carrot juice to achieve that orange color my son knows and loves.  Then I stir in a little shredded cheddar.

Here’s proof Hank likes it!

Hank eating homemade carrot mac.

Hank eating homemade carrot mac.

He likes it!

He likes it!

Dear Jesus, thank you for giving me this idea and giving our family a healthier alternative to the artificial cheese sauce we once used.  I like that it’s a way to sneak in a veggie too! I pray Hank and Gideon will grow to love vegetables.  I also pray that this tip will help other families.  Amen.

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