Man training

God has blessed us with two boys.



Hank "on the phone"

Hank “on the phone”

What. A. Handful!

And, God has blessed me with a very Godly, manly, husband.  I totally enjoy him.  I love that he is so different from me and he’s cute.  Ok back to the topic: Man Training…

Our oldest son, Hank, is Bart’s first recruit.  Hank and Gideon both look up to Daddy so much.  Hank wants to do what Dad does and always wants his approval.  So far, in Hank’s little life, Bart has already taught him about fine music.  They spend time sitting side by side on the sofa listening to YouTube videos on everything from guitar solo’s to Pavarotti.

Bart has also shown Hank how to build a fire.  I would say this is arguably a valuable life skill.  You need to heat the house and electricity isn’t getting cheaper!

Man training

 Fear not.  Hank is not waking at 6 am to build a fire before I roll out of bed.  Quite to the contrary, he is only allowed to help by gathering materials.  He is really good at it too!


 We also work on showing him to pray before meals and whenever we are thankful or have a problem.

 Real men pray a lot!

Hank even expresses his feelings a bit.  We don’t encourage an over the top “touchy-feely” kind of expression but Hank has been known to say, “I was really worked up.”  Just precious.

 Dear Jesus, thank you for Hank.  He is such a delight.  I am relieved to think he may grow up to be just like his Daddy.  Thank you that his Daddy loves you. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Man training

  1. Yes, I agree. Bart is a wonderful, God-fearing man, and a dear son. Hank and Gideon are blessed little boys. Thank you, Erica, for your wise insights. 🙂

  2. Oh so precious!! Bart is a fine example of a Christian man! How blessed you all are! When Christ comes first in all things – life is amazing. I just love the pictures of Hank loading up the wood. 🙂 Just think it won’t be long and Gideon will be helping too. Gideon and Hank have grown so much. xxoo

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