For the Love of Reading

I realize there are many complaints about smart phones these days.  Children and adults alike captivated by the miniature computer in their palm not even noticing the world around them.

But it’s not ALL bad.

We read regularly to Hank and Gideon which I believe has set a foundation of enjoyment for them. Bart and I also read regularly, on our own time but also in front of them.  Much of this reading occurs on our smartphones.  The benefit is that our boys see reading is fun, normal and something that should be done often. 🙂

Gideon reading

Gideon reading

Hank reading

Hank reading



Dear Jesus, thank you for making reading so fun for our family.  I pray the boys will enjoy and learn a lot from reading.  Thank you for the blessings that modern technology afford.  I pray we will use them to your glory. Amen.


3 thoughts on “For the Love of Reading

  1. So wise – so much of the values that Hank & Gideon have are already formed. Good job making sure they value reading and learning. Great job that they are learning to use technology openly for wholesome good things. xxoo

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