Save $120 this year on….

Paper Towels!

I did the math and our family spends roughly $120 a year on paper towels.  Well, I should say we spent that much per year until now.

unpapertowelsThe solution is so simple.  Why not use something that we don’t have to keep buying over and over again?  I had about 50 cloth baby wipes left from our cloth diapering days and had an “ah-ha!” moment.  We can easily use these instead.  It’s really simple too.  They are stored in an inexpensive wire bin in an easily accessible spot in our kitchen.  When they are used/dirty we throw them in a pail under the kitchen sink.  Then, about once a week I throw them in the wash and then we re-use them.

A penny saved is a penny earned!

Dear Jesus, thank you for giving me this idea.  It is working really well for our family and I am excited that we can steward the money you give us even better now. Amen.

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