My first glass of wine in over 2 years!

Between pregnancy pancreatitis and the recent state of my health, it had been well over two years since my last alcoholic drink.  My hematologist advised that it would be fine to drink, lightly.

Last Valentine’s day Bart and I both purchased my favorite bottle of wine as a celebration of this reinstated freedom.

Chateau Saint Michelle Syrah

It was pretty sweet actually, Bart purchased a bottle without my knowing and I bought one without him knowing.  So we wound up with two bottles.

I worked all day preparing our family meal including the homemade gelato I mentioned in a previous post.  Bart poured me a glass of the Syrah, well actually, 1/5th of a glass.  It was just as dry and flavorful as I had remembered.  It paired well with the stuffed shells I had made.  Then we enjoyed some chocolate gelato.

All was well, for about 10 minutes…

At first I felt a little nauseous then I felt REALLY nauseous.  I told Bart I needed to lay down.  I proceeded to our room and got sick. REALLY sick.  I threw up everything I had just enjoyed minutes earlier.

I am pretty sure it was a combination of sugars and alcohol.  Both of which put a demand on your pancreas and liver.  My pancreas seems at times to still be irritable and my liver (still full of clots) is working hard.

Looks like Valentine’s Day will always be my LEAST FAVORITE day.  It wasn’t for lack of trying.  While the Syrah was delightful to drink, it was awful on the way up.

Dear Jesus, I know the road to healing is not at its end for me.  I pray in thanks that you were with me on Valentine’s day when I got so sick.  Thank you for your comfort when I felt so horrible.  Please take the clots and heal my digestive tract. Amen.

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