Hank is almost three!



Last weekend while my sister-in-law, Lacey and her boys: Gage, Cooper and Kaden were in town we had a party.  We celebrated Hanks’ birthday early.  His actual birthday is March 15th.

The boys all ran around outside and had a great time playing “Philistine’s”.  Hank would say, “I’m Goliath and we’re all Philistines.”  🙂

The cousins all love each other so much.  It was a super fun evening.  Papa and Grammie brought hamburgers and hotdogs for Bart to grill.  I made homemade humus and provided a green salad.  The best part was dessert.  Grammie made cupcakes with ice cream centers!  She made the letter “H” for Hank with them.


To my surprise this was an early party for me too!  My birthday is on March 19th.  Lacey  gave me some lovely gifts made by her buddy Melissa.  I received a lip balm, chapstick and eye pillow (that you warm in the microwave).

Hank received a gift card for Amazon.com from Auntie Lacey.  This will come in handy since Hank has been wanting a camera.  I think that will be a fitting gift to buy for Hank from Lacey, since she’s a professional photographer! 😉

Hank also received beautiful bedding from Grammie and Papa to go on his new big boy bed when its ready.  There’ll be a post coming on this.

Dear Jesus,  I am so grateful to spend time as a family.  Thank you for making it possible.  Please bless our extended family.  They have been incredibly generous and loving. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Hank is almost three!

  1. Ahh- family times are so wonderful and precious. Happy 3rd Hankers!!! xxoo Happy B-Day Erica!!! xxoo Thank you Jesus for these two very very treasured family members. They make me smile.

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