Washing Gideon’s hands isn’t so tough.

I used to think that washing a little kiddo’s hands was tough.  They are wiggly and small.  I would hold them sitting on my knee while trying to hold their hands under the water and trying not to drop them or get them soaked.  Often times hand washing would be followed by changing their shirt.

Then I had an idea!


What if I rolled up Gideon’s pants and sleeves (when needed) and sat him on the side of the sink with his feet in?  Then he could get clean hands and feet! Genius.  Plus, he has so much fun.


He even gets a drink of water while he’s there.


Now that’s efficient and washing Gideon’s hands isn’t so tough.


Dear Jesus, I love that Gideon is so small and loveable.  Thank you for giving me this idea and for the opportunity to share the little tidbits from our life here on the blog. Amen.


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