Homemade Tortillas

I have been taking a closer look at what we eat lately.  A closer look at ingredient labels has shown me that some things we eat aren’t very healthy.  One example is tortillas.  The ingredients included dough conditioners.  Ok, not the worst thing in the world, right?  Then there’s preservatives and additives to maintain color. Hmmm…

I found myself in the mexican food aisle struggling to find a regular flour tortilla that didn’t have a bunch of extra things in it.  I wanted something with ingredients I knew and none of the vague descriptors.

A quick google search pulls up ample recipes for homemade tortillas.  I thought, “What the heck.  I am giving this a shot.”


Homemade swiss chard tortillas.

Great news, it’s easy to make your own.  Kind of a cross between making pizza dough and making pancakes.  You just roll your dough out really thin then lay it in a pan on the stove and flip it to cook both sides.  I recommend using two pans so you can cook two at a time.  I also double the recipe to make 16.

I hope this will be helpful to someone else.  Give it a shot, it’s fun.

Dear Jesus, thank you for google and others willingness to post their tried-and-true recipes.  Thank you for this food solution for our family.  Amen.


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