It’s my birthday!

Today I am moving into what is for me uncharted territory.  Saying good-bye to an entire decade and hello to a new one.  By God’s grace I am here.  It isn’t my twenties and it isn’t my fourties but…

I ain’t tellin’ because well, I’m a lady.

Ladies don’t tell their age and it’s a good thing you didn’t ask. 😉

At this point in my life I am glad to have small kiddos because their birthdays are way more fun.  Don’t get me wrong I love a thoughtful card, be it a gift card or one of those folded papers with a bunch of sentiments inside.

I am one of those folks who keeps every card that I’ve received.  I just love them.  especially the sweet things people say in them.  In a way it enables me to know others’ hearts better.  I like that.

Well better go get my cane.

Dear Jesus, thank you for another birthday and I pray I will be an old lady one day.  I pray you will use me as you see fit.  I pray for the confidence to do whatever you call me to. Amen.

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