Healthy Potato Pancakes- Gluten Free

I am a huge fan of “comfort food” but want to feed our family good food.  I am a firm believer that good food is good medicine.  With that said I have been modifying my favorite recipes to include delicious healthy ingredients.

There’s no reason that truly healthy food shouldn’t be the BEST tasting food.

My recipe for Potato Pancakes calls for: shredded potatoes, eggs, flour, salt, oil and cheese.

My healthy (gluten-free) Potato Pancake Recipe:

  1. For the “pancake”, mix 4 cups shredded potatoes with two eggs, minced chard, and a dash of salt in one bowl.
  2. For the filling, mix chopped kale, 1 tablespoon ground flax-seed, 2 eggs, and garlic to taste in a separate bowl.
  3. Grease the pan with oil (coconut oil or whatever you prefer).
  4. Layer pancake mix then filling then top with pancake mix and cook (medium heat) on the stove about four minutes a side.  I cover the pan with a lid to help the eggs set.



This recipe makes 4 hearty potato pancakes.  I would recommend doubling it though because they freeze well if they don’t get gobbled up.

Dear Jesus, I pray this recipe will bless someone else.  I am so excited to be able to feed my family this yummy and healthy food.  Thank you for making it all so readily available to me. Amen.


4 thoughts on “Healthy Potato Pancakes- Gluten Free

  1. Yum! That sounds good. Perhaps I should add chard and kale to my little vegetable garden this year!
    XOXO to H&G from Grammie

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