Our Journey to Bethlehem and The Fort!

On March 15th, Hank turned three!  We had a day of adventure as a small family.  We played at the park.


Then, we drove to what Hank calls, “Bethlehem”.  Most folks know it as Seattle.  We went around five o’clock to meet Bart and go to Red Robin on the pier for dinner.



“That boat is very Old.” (Bart)


Sunset between a boat and the pier

This is what happens when someone has a lot of money and wants a ferris wheel downtown!

This is what happens when someone has a lot of money and wants a ferris wheel downtown!


“Momma, you need to smell these flowers.” (Hank)


Momma and super excited Hank


Gideon all bundled up.


Hank and the sunset on the water




Daddy and Hank walking the dock

Dinner went really well.  Our server was wonderful and the food came fast.  This is super important when dining out with such small children.  At the end several servers gathered around our table and sang Happy Birthday to Hank.  Then they brought him a special treat!  The staff even left off the chocolate in case it had contact with peanuts.

Hank and his suprise birthday treat.  The staff even left off the choclate in case it had contact with peanuts.

Hank and his surprise birthday treat.

On our way home Hank saw the sunset from his seat in the car and he said,

“That’s beautiful.  What is this place?  It’s Bethlehem.” 🙂

Bart went over to his folks’ to work on the bunk beds a.k.a. “The Fort”.  Sunday night they were all painted and assembled in Hank’s room.  He was ecstatic.


The crib

Bye-bye crib

Bye-bye crib


Time to bring the matress in!

Time to bring the mattress in!

Cool bedding huh!?!

Cool bedding huh!?!

I wish we could say that he laid down and fell fast asleep.  But, that would leave out so much.  At this point he’s only slept there a handful of nights and it is getting easier.  However, he would go back to his crib in a heart beat if we would allow it.  He sure misses the familiar (yet too small) environment of his crib.

I tried to improve his love of the new bunk beds by hanging a blanket across the side making it into a fort.  He and Gideon had a blast playing in it for almost an hour.

Even harder than bedtime, naps were off to a rocky start.  He cried and even tried getting his crib out of his closet.   Hank is so strong he actually managed to move his crib mattress out into his room!

My precious three-year old is growing up a little more.

Hank, you will always be my baby boy.

love and kisses,


Dear Jesus, thank you for helping us all make this transition which seems so big at this time in our lives.  Thank you for blessing us with a family member, Hank’s Papa, who is incredibly gifted and generous to craft and build bunk beds for our boys.  Thank you for Hank’s Grammie who was so generous to buy all the bedding!  I look forward to the day when Hank and Gideon can sleep in them.  Even though Hank is so tall now that I can barely carry him, he will always be my baby.  Thank you for him. Amen.


4 thoughts on “Our Journey to Bethlehem and The Fort!

  1. Fun photos of Hank’s birthday celebration in “Bethlehem”!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing.
    XOXO to H&G from Grammie.

  2. I can’t thank you enough for the post!!! I miss those guys! Look at wonderful they are in every situation – out with the parents, strolling the dock, having a treat and helping their Daddy assemeble the big boy bed. ADORABLE!!!!! Tell Hank I like Bethleham too 🙂

  3. ps – you might also mention to him that his Mommy when she was three always said she was going to see Baby Attel. She would get so excited. xxoo

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