Statistical Probability and God’s Economy

I love science.  Rather, I LOVE LOVE science.  I remember when I lived with my folks we had some medical journals that were bigger than the dictionary (and my head) and hard bound.  I would read them for leisure.  I would spend an hour reading about skin cancers or heart conditions.  There’s a radio show on in the mornings on the weekend all about geriatric medicine.  If it’s on when we’re in the car I beg Bart to let me listen to it.  He is so loving that he lets me and away we all go, listening to the latest health concerns of the geriatric community.  Then there’s the Valley Voice magazine that Valley Medical Center Hospital mails out.  I usually read that cover to cover.  I get so jazzed thinking about the awesomeness of science.  Now if you ever wonder what I do in my spare time you have a pretty good idea. 😉

But no matter how awesome science is, it is still limited…

Yet where the human construct of science has limits, God abounds!

Often we rely heavily on statistics to determine our likelihood of a given thing.  We say things like, “There’s less than a 1% chance of post operative hemorrhage in all surgical patients.” Then we think that means it won’t happen to us.  As someone who nearly bled to death, let me tell you that the statistical probability of post operative hemorrhage for me was 100%!

The Statistical Probability can only be defined after the fact and for a given individual can only be one of two numbers, 0% or 100%.

This is compelling reasoning to be glad that God interrupts.  If I cling solely to science denying the face of God, refusing Him, then what do I have when circumstances go beyond the latest and greatest scientific advances?

This brings me to my greatest love, Jesus.  As God, he orchestrates all of His creation so magnificently.

 Having faced death repeatedly, I can tell you if God hadn’t interrupted, I would not be typing this. I would not be alive.

I was given a final diagnosis of benign solid pseudopapillary tumor after it was removed from my pancreas last August.  Praise Jesus for that first glorious word!  Well, according to the statistics, only 15% of this tumor type are benign.  This means that 85% of patients with this tumor type have cancer.

But for me, the statistical probability was 0%.

Needless to say, I am thankful that God interrupted our fancy pants “science” and “statistics” for me.  I am a huge fan of God’s economy.  I know I am no less deserving of cancer than anyone else.  But God decided I wouldn’t have it.  So while I will always love science I must first give credit where credit is due.

Praise and Glory to You, Lord God!  Thanks for interrupting.  Amen.

p.s. If you find yourself tempted to think, “Oh that’s nice she gets God’s favor and is all healed up.”  I must say first, I am not all healed up.  Second, it’s not about my healing, It’s about Jesus. And third, if it were about my healing then I wouldn’t be praising God, I would be worshiping myself.  As much as I want to be all better now, I want to rejoice in the risen Lord more.  I will do this now, instead.


4 thoughts on “Statistical Probability and God’s Economy

  1. My, but that’s some heavy thinking so early in the morning! 🙂 But everything you said was “right on” and so well said. That’s very interesting about individual statistical probability……
    XOXO to H&G from Grammie

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