Easter and Human Equality

The greatest good of any human who will ever walk the earth was accomplished on the cross by Jesus.  He died in our place for our sins.  After violent beating and stabbing and hanging on a cross he cried out on our behalf, “Father forgive them.”

That was completely extreme. 

Christ, our God, chose to take that punishment when he could have made it all stop.  Why did He do this?

Photo: If most of my Facebook friends are going to support people who are gay by posting the red equal sign, I am going to post two feet, the feet represent the millions who never get to breathe the air of this world, who never feel love let alone get married, those who never have the chance to have children or go to school or do anything many gays are afforded the privilege to do. They are never given this chance because a human decides that their life is unimportant because of a defect or being an inopportune time for the person who conceived them. This is for the millions of children aborted yearly. Talk about rights being denied.

This is an equal sign made of baby feet, a current human equality statement for the unborn.

In short, human equality.  I suppose you could say Jesus was for a cause, mankind. 

He knew we could not die and resurrect for the sins of all people.  We can hardly cover our own backsides when pride is our dearest companion. The Bible say’s we are sinful from our mothers womb.

Psalm 51:5, “Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me.”

As humans, we all equally suck.  Our pastor often points this out and he’s right to say it.  So there you have it, human equality.  Have you ever heard the expression a team is only as good as its weakest link? Well then even if you don’t worship Christ, your sunk on this point.

I’m sure glad we can worship a Risen Savior. Christianity is unlike any other religion where the idol or god just dies.the.end.  Even if you think yourself agnostic (fancy for I am my highest authority therefore my own god), you just decompose.  When you die you don’t get up after a few days, dig yourself out of your grave and then over a month later ascend into the sky.  I am certain if you did it would be a big deal and everyone would know.  Maybe it would be written down somewhere.  Hmmmm…. like Jesus (refer to the Bible).

Jesus walked away from the tomb!  He rose victorious over EVERYTHING!  This is such a big deal we had to party hearty.  🙂

Photo: Easter Egg Hunt

Gideon trying to pick up three eggs at once. (Photo compliments of Mary Bingham)


Hank and Gideon on the carousel at the Woodland Park Zoo


Lion cubs at the Woodland Park Zoo


Momma lion at the Woodland Park Zoo

hankandmonkey hankandmonkeys hankwithstick

Dear Jesus, break down the hearts of those who do not yet know you.  You are an awesome God.  We are utterly dependent on you.  I am so glad you are only good!  Thank you. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Easter and Human Equality

  1. I am so pleased with your faith and your love. No parent could be happier than I am with who you really are!! The same goes for Bart – who too, has strong faith and a loving heart. How very blessed our little guys are to have you two for parents! Erica, as you praise Jesus for all his love – I know he too smiles!!

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