Strawberries in Gutters!

As I briefly mentioned earlier this week, I now have new strawberry planters!  A few months ago my adoring husband pulled up all of my strawberry plants because he has been hearing me complain about needing to get outside and pull up “those unwanted strawberries”.  What I was unclear about was that there were specific ones in a bed along our house that I needed to re-locate or discard.  Being the loving man that he is he took it upon himself to pull all the strawberries up.  When I came home one day I looked outside and he happily asked if I noticed anything.  I quickly saw that the strawberries I had relocated to around a tree were all gone! Shoot!  I cannot blame him for this miscommunication.  But, he allowed me to buy more starts and agreed to build me planters for them (I got the idea for planting strawberries in gutters off Pinterest).  Because God is good, I found starts on sale at Fred Meyer for $0.49 each!  I wouldn’t have known they had that deal except that someone who sniped that part of the ad dropped it on the floor in the store and I saw it.  So cool.  Here are some pictures of the building process. We will be enjoying slug free strawberries this summer. Yay!

hankonmiraclegrow hank gutterspremounting

Bart hard at work.

Bart hard at work.

happystrawberriesStrawberry's in gutters.

Dear Lord, thank you for blessing my marriage and giving us kind hearts.  Miscommunication happens.  I thank you that you show up and bless abundantly even in small ways.  Thanks for the great deal on strawberry starts. Amen.

4 thoughts on “Strawberries in Gutters!

  1. Good Job!! Erica – you are truly a steward and wise “planter.” As well as such a loving wife!! Bart, how wonderful you are to make family needs important – after a busy demanding work week. As well, you are indeed a thoughtful husband!! Together – you are both wise. PS – LOVE the pictures of baby guy Hank! Enjoy the fruit of your planning and labor 🙂 PSS – is your fan club making both of you blush? 🙂

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