Gifts from Grams!

My Mom lives a few states away along with most of my family in Kansas.  I miss her so much!  For Christmas and a birthday she sent us gift cards for JC Penny’s.  Well, I went on their website and we were able to buy a lot. 🙂  Thanks Mom!

Here are the boys’ enjoying thier new basketball hoop, remote control car, picnic table and castle!

bballhoop intentcastle closeupofrccar cutehank giddoonchair hankattable hankdrivingrccar hankrunnignwithrccar hankwithrccar morerccar rccar rccar2

Strong Hank!

Strong Hank!

giddogrape giddosnack

Dear Lord, thank you for making it possible for my Mom to bless our boys so much from afar.  Please bless her for it.  Amen.


4 thoughts on “Gifts from Grams!

  1. Thanks so much!! How I adore the baby guys (and miss them)!! I am blessed in so many ways! Erica – today – thank you for the encouragement!! xxoo

  2. Erica – I just keep looking at the pictures of our baby guys!!! They are both so handsome – so precious!! Thanks for those two. Thanks for all your love and encouragement!!!!!!!!


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