Abortion, Hitler and Darwin: A devolution of mankind (Warning Very Honest!)

Total number of abortions in the U.S. 1973-2011:

54.5 million+

Add to this number the 3,288 abortions per day (1 abortion every 26 seconds) for 2012 and the first four months of 2013 and you have a current total of

American Genocide! 

In an effort to evaluate the continual mass murder of unborn children through abortion, I will share with you how I believe this is consistent with the minds of: Adolf Hitler and Charles Darwin.

Hitler felt that there was a superior race of people; blond-haired and blue-eyed.  Hitler was brown-haired and brown-eyed. 

You likely know of the book, “On the Origin of a Species” by Charles Darwin.  In shortening the title we omit his own clear belief in a superior race.  The full title is actually, “On the Origin of a Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life”.

Favoured Races?  Superior Race?


Those in support of abortion also believe in a superior race.  They may not say it this way because modern culture does not tolerate this type of racism.

Or does it?

“I aborted because the child was likely to be born with a deformity or not survive outside the womb.”

What makes someone who says this like Hitler or Darwin?

They are in effect saying, “I believe that my child was not good enough to survive. The baby’s illness or short life span makes them unfit to live.  They must be terminated.”

“That baby would not have the advantages my other children have.  I don’t want a child born into hate.”

Or, “The baby I chose to abort was less human than the babies I allowed to live.  So much less human I hate them.  They must die.”

“It’s my body, It’s my choice.”

The word “choice” trivializes murder as if to say,

“Today I chose coke because I like it.  I also became pregnant but I don’t like that,  so I chose to kill it.”

“I aborted because the child was a product of rape.”

Or, “The child is simply a product, not even human, and definitely not deserving of life.”

Those of us alive cannot say that we are the superior race we don’t have the proverbial “blond hair and blue eyes” just like Hitler didn’t!  An honest look at ourselves reveals imperfections, illnesses and various shortcomings.  And yet we are alive.



“Giving women the right to choose abortion is empowering.  My friends have had abortions, it’s ok for them.”

“The unborn child, who could one day be a woman cannot be empowered because they are less than human.  Some women are less than human.  I think my friends who have had abortions are the less favorable members of the species and so should not be allowed to further their family line!”


Don’t you see Abortion is devolution?

By abortion we are “naturally selecting out” millions of people from the family lines of the very people who bore them!

I am completely astounded that millions of people believe that this form of mass murder is acceptable and even empowering.

What can you do if you have aborted your child(ren)?

Maybe you have aborted a child.  If you have, I pray you will lay it all at Jesus’ feet.  He will take your iniquity and clothe you in His righteousness.

In HIM you are made new, holy (set apart for God’s great work) and blameless.  You do not have to be a slave to your past.  You do not have to abort again.

True empowerment comes when you are filled with the greatest power, the Holy Spirit!

Please read my post here to learn about an empowering method of birth control called The Fertility Awareness Method or F.A.M. for short.  This method empowers women to know their bodies.  F.A.M. is very inexpensive and cannot harm you.

Dear Jesus,  I weep for the mothers and fathers who have aborted their children.  I weep for the life millions of children never got to live.  I weep that we as a nation live in the delusion that being “pro-choice” is tolerant when it is completely intolerant of the defenseless children it kills.  Jesus please comfort those who have had abortions.  Please draw them to you.  Please show them they really can lay their burdens down at your feet.  Please show them they do not need to continue as they have lived before.  Please soften the hearts of those who believe abortion is ok that the walls in their hearts may come down and that they may learn to value the unborn as equal image bearers.  Thank you for blessing us with two boys.  I will hug them tighter every time I think of the millions of babies that will never be hugged by their parents because they were murdered instead. Amen.


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