God is Faithful: Grace Bootcamp

In the recent few days I feel as though I am in boot camp.  Grace boot camp.  God keeps allowing circumstances that frankly irritate me so much that I am at my wit’s end with two options:

  1. Get really mad and stay mad.
  2. Give God’s grace which He freely gave me, abundantly.

Do you ever have those groups of days where it seems things are just there to give you grief?

It all started last Saturday when I was driving home from gift shopping at the mall.  Those who know me well, can attest to my disdain for shopping in the first place.  What happened was small.  Someone cut me off, close, with no blinker.  God knew I could easily give the driver grace if they had used their blinker and not scared me so badly.  But this is boot camp ladies!


I was almost side-swiped and more than scaring me it made me mad.  But, like I said, it’s a small thing.  After a few minutes it wasn’t such a big deal anymore.  I was thankful that God made me notice what the driver was doing in an anticipatory fashion.  That was a gift.

Well the following day on my way to my friends’ baby shower, I took at least four wrong turns.  I really don’t enjoy driving and these wrong turns wound up tripling my driving time and making me very late.  I hate being late.

Then Monday and today both started unusually early because my oldest boy was up and ready to take on the early morning hours.  I know many people wake at 5 am and I should be thankful to sleep till 7 am most days.  It’s just that I am not really a morning person.  For me, 7 am seems early.

Then there’s a mix up that resulted in me being stood up (not by Bart).  Again a little thing, the gal couldn’t make it.  It’s just that I spent $5 on an overpriced hot chocolate to sit by myself for half an hour and I drove 40 minutes (round trip) on a weeknight to do it.

Grace boot camp!

So I know I must give grace and by God I can do it abundantly.  This is a season of equipping to be sure.  Pray for me. 🙂

Dear Jesus, I don’t know what exactly you are preparing me for with this steady stream of training events.  I do know you are really good.  Please help me to give grace abundantly and not just get mad.  Please help me to see these as opportunities not punishment.  Amen.


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