The Tin Room Theater

Bart and I had the pleasure of going out on a date last Friday to see Les Miserables at the Tin Room Theater.  The venue is beautifully decorated and quaint.  I believe it seats about 35 people.  The tickets were $8 each, so $3 less than major theaters.  I went early the day of the show to buy them and the gal selling tickets took me into the theater to reserve our seats!

When we arrived that night for the show we were a few minutes late.  We walked to our seats in the packed room, pulled our reservation cards out and sat down.  It felt special.  Then a gentleman came to our seats and asked if we would like any drinks or movie candy.  They actually serve you at your seat.  I noticed the gentleman next to us had a beer brought to him at the start of the show and then 45 minutes later.  You can actually make arrangements like that!

Les Miserables was a beautiful show and illustrates the Gospel.  The film was about three hours long but the time flew by.  I recommend this venue to everyone!  If you can make it to their theater for a show I think you will have a wonderful time.

Coupon Deals for this week:


You’ll need both the store coupon and the manufacturer coupon to get this deal.

I noticed Safeway has a $0.99 deal on Ken’s brand salad dressing.  Normally this dressing costs close to $3 each.  There were manufacturer coupons for a dollar off two Ken’s in the weekly mailers the past several weeks.  Together that makes 2 Ken’s salad dressings cost you $0.98! (I have a few of this coupon, let me know if you want one.)

I also noticed Fred Meyer has the Colgate toothpaste on sale 10/$10!  If you still have the $1 off manufacturer coupon then you haven’t missed you chance at free toothpaste.

Dear Jesus, thank you for your faithfulness.  Your grace abounds!  Thank you for the fun evening out and for neat places like The Tin Room Theater.  Amen.


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