Four Kitchen Essentials

For a long time I would have said the only two things every good dish needs are: garlic and onions. While I still think these are absolute essentials two more have joined the ranks.


Quinoa (pronounced Keen-wA), is a sort of grain (actually a seed but don’t tell) that happens to also be a complete protein and cooks up much like traditional rice. It is a bit nutty in flavor and is easy to work into almost any meal even breakfast!  I recommend purchasing it from Costco because you get a lot for a good price and its organic and non-gmo certified! 🙂

The second addition to the fab four is protein powder. I have started purchasing whey protein powder from our local natural foods market and love that per tablespoon it adds 19 grams of protein to every dish I use it in. I often add protein powder to pancakes, waffles and other baked goods my boys love including our easy gluten-free breakfast bars!  I recommend pricing out whether it is cheaper to buy in the bulk section or pre packaged.

Have a nice weekend!

Dear Jesus, thank you for teaching me to cook.  Thank you for making things so readily available to us.  I pray I will continue to grow in my culinary ability and feed our family well.  I pray along the way that I will benefit others too with what I learn.  Amen.


4 thoughts on “Four Kitchen Essentials

    • Sure thing! The amount of flavor depends on the protein powder you buy because some are flavored. I avoid the flavored ones because of the fake sugars that often accompany them. I buy one that is plain in the bulk section. I would say there is a hint of “flavor” from it but I cannot nail it down. With that said, a bland dish would wind up tasting “protein powdery”. In smoothies I can taste it a little. In baked goods, not at all. Hth!
      Alive because of Christ,

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