“What if the sex is bad?” & One Odd Way to Prepare Yourself for Marriage.

What if the sex is bad?

Don’t you want to try before you buy?

What if you’re not sexually compatible?

Any abstinent couple has likely heard these questions when dating.  There is an assumption that “taking a test drive” actually prepares you for marital success!  I would have to say that fornication is like practising to water ski with flippers on your feet.  Yes you are holding onto the rope, and your pulled by the boat.  The sun may even be shining.  The only problem is that your practising water skiing completely wrong!

That person isn’t your spouse.  Until they are you cannot be sure they aren’t someone else’s spouse.  You aren’t gaining “experience” your making a mess!  A mess that will have to be cleaned up.  It won’t go away and you’ll likely bring it into your marriage one day.  I’m not saying your condemned but that all things have consequences.

You water ski with flippers, you just might get away with it but sooner or later your going to make a nasty face plant.

So what can you do physically speaking to prepare for marriage?  Well, as a gal myself I only feel appropriate addressing women on this issue.

Unless you are particularly tall, I recommend practising standing on your tip-toes with your eyes shut and not falling over.

Seriously, this is the only physical thing I can think of that with practise will actually benefit you in marriage.

Isn’t that great?  You don’t need a boyfriend to do this.  In fact it is a solo activity that will serve you well one day when you are married.  One day you’ll close your eyes, then up on your toes you’ll gracefully lean in to kiss your husband without falling over.  

Dear Jesus, I love the gifts you have given me, including marriage.  But, I am so grateful that you call us to love you more.  This means married or single, we are never truly alone and our greatest need for companionship is fully met, only in you.  Please fill the hearts of those struggling with sex and give them rest.  I pray that your design for marriage would be honored in our home.  Amen.

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