Hank and the Second Amendment

Since both boys are still little, I am delighted that Fred Meyer has double seater race car carts.  The boys love to “drive” through the store spinning their steering wheels.

boys in race car cart steeringboys in race car cart I am pretty sure if Hank were asked to define the second amendment he would tell you that it says when we go shopping he must not leave the store without a new gun.  Maybe his Dad would even say this seems about right.

gun close uphgun3closeuphwith gunhbyplayhousewithgunstream of bubbles hgunpointingatbubble hgun4 happy giddo hgun1 hgun2 handgbubbles gchasingbubbles bubbles in grass

I find myself going to the store after the boys are in bed for the night so we don’t need to keep buying more and more toy guns. While the gun pictured above was a lot of fun for about an hour, unfortunately, it quit blowing bubbles shortly thereafter. Darn.

Dear Jesus, thank you for sunny days and fun outside with my boys.  Amen.


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