Frugal or Stingy?

Are you frugal or stingy?

Would someone describe you as miserly?

What happened to the man who filled his store houses with grain?

If you store it up what use is it?

Frugal with regards to couponing means buying what you need without becoming miserly and selfish.  God is faithful to give and take away.  For this reason I ask myself, how much will we use?

Frugal means knowing how much your family needs of something so you can buy enough to last you.  Not till Armageddon but perhaps until that item goes on sale again.  Think of your families eating habits.  How many jars of pasta sauce do you use in say a 4 week time period?  Well, then you’d better buy that many especially if you shop at Albertson’s.

barilla sauce deal 5-1-13 Albertson'sThat’s $0.50 per jar!

If you don’t shop at Albertson’s take heart, I have noticed in watching the various store ads, that stores compete.  This means that while Barilla brand pasta sauce is on a super deal at Albertson’s this week it is likely to be on a great deal at a different store next week.  So, check all the store ads and know that the deals will come to your store so you can plan.  Couponing hasn’t changed what I buy so much as when I buy it.

Also, I noticed the local paper, The Mirror had a $10 off $50 for both Albertson’s and Winco!  So, while your busy buying things on store special with your coupons go ahead and max it out by using one of these dandy $10 off coupons.  Keep your eyes peeled.  It took me 10 seconds to clip a coupon that saved me $10! That is a good use of my time. 🙂

Today I went to Albertson’s for groceries because they had a buy one get one free event on meat.  Combined with the $10 off coupon and the $0.50 pasta sauce I felt it was worth my time. Here’s my receipt showing the savings of $54.67! Wahoo!

Albertson's Receipt 5-1-13 closeup

Dear Lord, this couponing thing seems like quite the learning process.  Thank you that not only is it possible with very little time commitment but that I really do save money. I pray I will use this gift to be frugal and steward the money you give me well.  Amen.


4 thoughts on “Frugal or Stingy?

  1. Please consider, the same God told Joseph to store up enough for 7 years, and said we are to be the 5 brides who had extra fuel for when their groom seemed to be delayed (and not share it with those who were unprepared). It is what and why you to do.what you do. To eat until the next crop you need at least 18 months of food. not 12 as most people think. That is if there is no crop loss, which happens more than people realize. Reading the Little House books to you children will help you to understand living off the land. How much more do those who are city dweller have to prepare? Farmers only sell that which is extra from their crops.Just food for thought.

    • Thank you for your input Theresa! 🙂
      We must definately check our hearts with God. Is it His will or my selfishness and lack of faith driving me?
      With couponing, I am warry to store up 18 months of pasta sauce (for example) because that may blow the grocery budget and become a storage dilemma at our house. I watched that series on tv, “Extreme Couponing”. The stockpiles often looked more like monuments to their idols. There is a ballance to be struck in all that God gives us so as to worship Him and not make the good things into god things.
      But, a topic not covered here is the whole idea of emergency preparedness kits. That’s a whole other post. I have seen friends with basements full of water. While I don’t understand it, if God told me to store up a house full of canned pasta sauce, I’d do it. 😉

      Alive because of Christ,

      • p.s. So many of us city dwellers are actually living off farms produced and sold entirely for commercial purpose. Leaving only the subsidy for the farmer because their entire land is one crop instead of diversified livestock and agriculture. All in the name of more and cheaper to the great expense of our famers, their families and the land. 😦

        Alive because of Christ,

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