Homemade Coffee Creamer- Peppermint Mocha

I really like the coupon blog Hip 2 Save.  You can click here to see her tutorial on homemade coffee creamer.  I think she is pretty helpful!

I took her recipe and tweaked it just a little.  Instead of unsweetened cocoa I used sweetened cocoa powder (the same stuff we use for our mocha’s).  You could use either really.  I also used peppermint leaves from a peppermint plant I have growing on the deck.  I received this plant a few years ago as a gift from my mother-in-law.  It has flourished and now fills two planters. 🙂

You’ll want to have equal parts condensed sweetened milk (I used a 14oz can) and milk.  This is your base for the creamer.  Then to flavor it you can add what you like.  I put the canned sweetened condensed milk and regular milk into my Vitamix then added 2 tablespoons cocoa and about 20 peppermint leaves.  That is a lot of peppermint.  I like it strong.  Mild would probably be more like 10 peppermint leaves.

ingredients in blender

Then I blended it for a few seconds and presto!

all blended up

In about 5 minutes I have a jar of homemade coffee creamer without all the additives the store-bought stuff has.

ready to go in fridge

I will have to see if I wind up loving it as much at the store stuff.  I’m really hoping I like it more.

I thought I might add, if you want just easy cheap creamer, stick with the sweetened condensed milk alone. 🙂

Dear Jesus,  I am excited about another helpful recipe to help avoid unhealthy additives and chemicals. Amen.


3 thoughts on “Homemade Coffee Creamer- Peppermint Mocha

  1. I made the simple condensed milk and milk with vanilla much when we first moved here because they don’t have the same coffee creamer and what they do have is hazelnut and stored on the shelf. I liked this creamer pretty good. The peppermint mocha sounds very good. Hope you like it too.

  2. I hope you like this too! I made the condensed milk and milk with vanilla version when we first moved here because the only creamer they have is hazelnut and isn’t very good. I liked this on and found that sometimes I used less milk to get a thicker, creamier consistency.

    • Thank you for posting Sara! It is neat to hear your experience with homemade coffee creamer. Did you just use vanilla extract?

      Alive because of Christ,

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