A Hammock in the Shade

At least for today the golden rays of sunshine peer down from Heaven upon us bathing the land in light.  “It’s hot” I say to Bart as we zoom down the freeway in a car almost as old as my baby sister.  Because there is a God, my husband is allowing us to run the air conditioning.  While it is blowing, every cool particle of air seems to be halted by the domineering heat before it passes my hand, pressed against the vent.  Having my pancreas tumor out means I can be warm without feeling like I may die of heat stroke and I think of this while sitting in my seat.  I look over to Bart who chuckles, “I don’t like summer.”  The sun pouring in hard from his side of the car emblazoning his black shirt.  I look down at his blue jeans and think, I wonder if he’s wearing wool socks to boot!  The boys ride in their thermal car seats somehow not burning from their seat belts.  Perhaps they are too warm to complain.  I praise God they enjoy car rides so much.  Hank often asks, “Can we go for a drive?”  Both of them shirtless and Gideon down to just a diaper.  Their sweet baby skin moist with sweat and their cheeks rosey.  I wonder, where is that proverbial hammock in the shade?

Who cares?  We’re together.  That hammock seems like a lonesome place anyway.  At least here we can sweat together.  I giggle to myself thinking Bart dislikes summer, is it even summer yet?  The forecast says it’s 85 degrees.  I am certain the weatherman isn’t in our car. 🙂  If Bart were the weatherman he might forecast 90 degrees.  But, what the hay.  It’s only 5 degrees anyway.

Dear Jesus, thank you for the opportunity to write about being warm!  Thank you for bringing sunshine and holding back the rain if even for only a short while.  Amen.

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