The Clots are Here to Stay… Now What?

Yesterday afternoon I had a follow-up visit with my hematologist to discuss a recent CT scan.  We stopped my anti-coagulation therapy!  Hooray!

8 months of Lovenox shots is a long time.

He explained that the clots in my liver are stable and I may have them for the rest of my life.




Up until this visit he said the clots would reabsorb.  But now he’s saying they won’t.  I feel a little disappointed.  It’s not like I actually thought they’d go away.  The imaging keeps staying the same.

Everything I read about portal deep vein thrombosis says they only reabsorb in the first few weeks after they form and that re-canalization is complete within six months of clot formation.  Mine didn’t do either.  I have partial re-canalization but they aren’t reabsorbing.

So what does this mean?

Well, I still have pain and swelling.  My spleen and liver are still enlarged.

Maybe it’s time for a second opinion.  If this is going to have long-term consequences I need to know.  I know my surgeon told me to “tough it out” when I called repeatedly saying I had high fevers every day for over a week.  Things would be so different if he weren’t negligent.

What if I have to look at my legal options? 😦

This is all too much for me.  Thank God, He is in control.  He is carrying me.  He calls the shots.

The Wikipedia information on sepsis says the mortality rate goes up 6% percent for every hour sepsis goes untreated.  I went over two weeks with untreated sepsis, that’s when the clots went crazy.

God calls the shots!

He decides who lives, not any statistic or confine of science.

I have a lot to think through.  Where and who will I go to for a second opinion?  Will we need to seek legal advice?  What long-term impacts will this all have on my health?

God promised we will suffer here on Earth.

I am going to have faith.  God said He would heal me.

I hang my hope on Him because whatever happens here, I know I will run in the hills of Heaven one day, perfected and singing His praise for all eternity.

“We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise than when we’ve first begun.” Amazing Grace

Dear Jesus, I need to rest in you.  Please silence the liar.  Please give me your peace.  Please heal me completely, in this lifetime.  Please show me what you want me to do and when.  May I see the day that I can say, “God healed the clots too!”  Amen.


2 thoughts on “The Clots are Here to Stay… Now What?

  1. Lord Jesus we trust in you that you are healing Erica from head to toe – including the blood clots in her liver. We believe in your will, your way, and that you adore Erica. Praise and Glory to you Lord Jesus Christ!

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