My Baby Sister Is 20!

Dear Samii,
I am so excited for you today as you enter into a new decade of your life. You are leaving the teen years behind. I know that at this time in your life ten years feels like a long time. Trust me you’ll blink and be 30. I am praying for you as you move into this new decade. I am praying for you to have joy. Sammi, you are a joy to my heart. I am so thankful that Christ made us sisters. You are so neat. You are very gifted, smart and artistic. I admire your art and creativity.
I remember the day Dad said you were in Mom’s tummy. I remember thinking it was exciting to get to meet you one day. Well, now I am excited to get to see you blossom into a woman. I am excited for you to continue this journey of life and I am thankful to be alongside.



Oh, and you mean the world to these boys too:

boysat computers

Look they’re on the computers! Reminds me of us sitting next to each other on the library computers emailing each other. 😉

Dear Jesus, thank you for Samii. She is precious to me. How much more precious she is to you! Please keep watch and protect her in this strange world. Please let her grow old one day. Thank you for the blessing that she is to me and others. Amen.

3 thoughts on “My Baby Sister Is 20!

  1. Yeah Samantha Elizabeth is 20!!! Erica this is a wonderful post to your very beautiful, smart, talented, precious, fun, loving …………sister. I am truly a blessed mother – that Samantha, Charity, and you are my daughters. Lucky me 🙂

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