Slip-n-Slide, Imagery Tuesday’s

The sun is out. Imagine somewhere closer to the equator where eggplant and tomatoes grow vigorously with little coaxing.  Summertime is long and hot.  Rays of sunshine dance on the bare backs of small boys while they run through the sprinkler.  The plastic that once covered their mothers’ vegetable bed like a green house, now rests atop the grass folded over to make a long strip.

Run. Jump. Slide!

A little Dawn dish soap does wonders to move you along this homemade slip-n-slide.  The air is calm with a light breeze.  The littlest boy has apparent goose bumps but he doesn’t seem to notice.  If he becomes too cool he can always whisk away to the back deck.  Stained dark, it attracts sunshine and is almost too hot to walk on.  Standing there for a few minutes will surely warm him through.

A little key chain thermometer waits patiently on the deck and after several hours, I remember where I left it.  Looking down I see it reads 115 degrees farenheit, I think to myself, “This cannot be accurate.”

After slipping around and getting thoroughly soaked we decide it is time to go in and dry off.  It’s almost nap time.  Maybe we’ll even sneak in a snack.  With the boys safe inside, I collect the make-shift slip-n-slide and to my surprise the grass beneath is scorched and resembles straw.  Maybe it is rather hot out today.


As you may be able to tell, I really enjoy the nice days when they come.  Though sometimes few and far between.  I hope y’all had a nice Memorial Day.

In case we get blessed with more sunny days, check out this blog:

She talks about the home-made slip-n-slide and several other fun water activities you can do at home.

Dear Jesus, thank you for sunny days.  And the tip from a friend to use Dawn soap for our slip-n-slide.  Thank you for blessing our garden.  We have greens coming out of our eyeballs.  Thank you for time together as family.  Amen.

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