Gideon’s Developmental Assessment- Speech Delay at 20 Months

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking Gideon to a developmental assessment.  It was a pleasure because it was just him and me.  Before Gideon was born I had lots of one-on-one time with Hank.  With Gideon, there’s always been an older sibling so I rarely get to see Gideon alone.  At the assessment I got to see Gideon play and interact without anyone else to distract me.  It was special and a unique time to see his strengths and areas for growth.  I just love my boys so much it absolutely hurts! 🙂

Here are some photographs of Gideon from his time with the Birth to Three staff:

Giddo holding a toy dog Giddo with the slp

Gideon loved all the toys and especially the books!  We had a great time.

Last week we went to the follow-up appointment.  Gideon has a speech delay (I was not surprised).  He will start therapy soon.  I am so delighted that he will be getting this one-on-one time every week for a while.  I look forward to learning specific tools to help him grow.  Hank will learn tools to encourage Gideon too. :0)

Just a little side note:  If you feel your child might benefit from an evaluation, I strongly recommend it.  Often people will poo-poo the idea at such a young age.  I recommend therapy, where needed, this early because it will give my child the boost he needs.  Keep in mind everything we learn and do shapes our brains.  Delayed speech lends itself easily to cognitive delay.  Waiting could make him delayed in school.

Why not give every opportunity you can to your child?

Can I say for sure he would have been delayed in school? No.  Can I say that with early and targeted therapy he won’t be delayed later? YES. 🙂

Dear Jesus, Thank you for blessing Bart and me with two boys and filling our hearts over-full with love for them.  I appreciate the glimpse at your love for us.  Amen.


3 thoughts on “Gideon’s Developmental Assessment- Speech Delay at 20 Months

  1. Go Gideon!! What a cutie! I am so glad he is getting the one on one time to enrich his growth (and speech)!! xxoo

  2. What a doll-baby! 🙂 Nice for a 2nd-born to be the center of attention and needed assistance.
    XOXO to H&G from Grammie

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