Gideon is All About Trains!

Gideon may have a speech delay but he is NOT delayed in the least when it comes to motor skills like keeping trains on a very small track. Just last week I pulled out the Thomas The Train set and put it together. I put a train on the track and Gideon was intrigued. He loves driving one train around and linking it up with all the others. He pushes them with one finger! I guess pulling them is too easy. šŸ™‚ His favorite part of the tracks is the circular portion that has a tunnel called Tidmouth Tunnel. Here are some pictures:

close up close up 2 close up 3 everybody in s curve through the tunnel whole track

head on floor

In the last photograph, Gideon is resting his head on the floor to get a really close look at his train. šŸ™‚

Dear Jesus, Gideon has always played independently so well. I am amazed at his excellent attention span. Thank you that I get to watch him explore and grow. Boy does he love cars and other things that go. Maybe he’ll be a mechanical engineer one day? Oh the things you already know. Amen.


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