“What’s that firm?” Funny Hanky

My three-year old, Hank, is a riot. He is crazy smart too. He sings his alphabet and counts to twenty. He knows many dinosaur names and recently fell in love with a show on Netflix called, Dino Squad. Although if asked, he’d say it’s called Dino Squat. Hehe
Another thing that Hank has taken up is asking a combo question. A combo question is a super efficient way of asking two questions at once.

What’s that for?
What’s that from?
What’s that firm?

This boy cracks me up. The hardest part is keeping a straight face. When he asks, “What’s that firm?” he really wants to know the answer(s). I don’t have the heart to tell him that “firm” in this context is not a word.
His new combo question makes me think of Larry the Cable Guy on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour when he say’s, “You might be a redneck if you say widjadidja in a question. You didn’t bring that wrench widjadidja?”
Not every moment with a three-year old is laughable. Some are serious, even heart wrenching. But, when he asks, “What’s that firm?” I just giggle on the inside.

He has also taken a liking to my bike helmet and wears it on walks around the block.

by front door

 out for a walk ready to go with backpack smiling

Hank isn’t smiling in these photographs because he takes safety seriously. 😉

Dear Jesus, I love all the creative things Hank comes up with. Thank you for this blog as a means to freeze these little memories for safe keeping. Amen.

4 thoughts on ““What’s that firm?” Funny Hanky

  1. 🙂 Little Hank also helps Grammie pronounce the strange, funny words in the “Lorax”!! Last night I tried to convince him to read the story to me!
    XOXO to H&G from Grammie

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