Being Frugal Can Mean Leaving Your Pride At The Door, Frugal Thursday’s

I have read that with couponing you should aim to get one copy of the Sunday paper for every member of your household. Not so y’all can read your respective copy simultaneously. Rather so you have an equivalent number of coupons to the number of people living in your home. I have shared before that I don’t wish to buy newspapers. Maybe one day I will but not today.

Every Friday a car drives through our neighborhood and flips the local paper into our driveway.

Everyone gets a copy.

Even if you don’t ever read it.

Even if you just drive over it and avoid it like the plague.

Meanwhile, couponers like myself note that you never collect your copy. Every time I see my neighbors across the street drive over their abandoned copy of the local paper I would think, “Oh man! There’s coupons in there.” Then for weeks I would tell Bart that I really needed to get the courage up to ask them for it. Well after I thought about this “big” step for way too long, I finally walked over and knocked on their door. I asked, “Do you want your copy of the local paper?”

To which the gal replied, “NO! We just drive over it anyway.”

I explained that I coupon. She happily agreed that I can take their copy right off their driveway anytime! Golly, all the nervousness and fretting. For weeks. In just a few minutes time I was walking home with more coupons. She even went through their copy of the Sunday paper and gave me the coupon inserts from it!

Today’s frugal tip is to lay your pride aside and go meet your neighbors.

I found having this simple request made for a great excuse to say hello and chat a bit. It was really fun. 🙂

Dear Jesus, thank you for your patience with me. Thank you that my neighbors don’t mind sparing their coupons for our benefit. Amen.


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