Hank’s First Band-Aid

  Hard as it may be to believe, until two days ago, Hank never had a band-aid. While grocery shopping last week Hank picked out his very own Cars (the movie) themed band-aids. He happily carried the box around the store. I didn’t have the heart to put them back on the shelf.

So what is today’s frugal tip?

Spend your money in a way that is worth every cent.

In this example Hank got the more expensive themed band-aids and I think it’s totally worth it. It turns out he hates to wear band-aids. But, these themed ones seem to stay on a little while. It was almost prophetic that he wanted them when he did because just a few days later he cut his finger.
I snapped some pictures to share. I think their super cute especially since the band-aids are so little that they fit his finger well. Awesome that he made it past three before this day came!

close up 2 the box close up

Dear Jesus, thank you for your timing that we just bought band-aids.  You are a truly thoughtful Lord.  Thank you that Hank held still so I could get pictures too. Amen.

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