Oh! Chocolate, Fun Food Friday’s

The boys and I had the pleasure of visiting a coffee, wine and chocolate bar called, Oh! Chocolate, after surviving a stressful trip to the grocery store last week. This place is incredible!
Oh! Chocolate is located in Normandy Park at 19865 1st Ave South.  They make their own chocolate on site.  They use Victrola Coffee.  Victrola Coffee Company is located in Capitol Hill.  They have a nice dine in wine bar.  They have a menu of real food so your not stuck with coffee and a muffin from the drive through when your hungry for more.

And the icing on the cake?

I asked the barista if they had lollies for my crying children.  She replied, “No. We give out candy necklaces.”

WHAT!?!?! AWESOME.  No gooey sticky fingered children.  Praise God.

I handed the candy necklaces back to my unsuspecting children and like a really good musical, the birds sang to the rhythm of little kids chomping in delight.  It was too good to be true.

both boys chomping cloes-up of hank close-up of giddo 1 close-up of giddo 2

It gets even better!

I ordered an Americano.  This is my “tester” drink because you can tell a lot about the skill of the barista and the quality of the coffee by how well they make an Americano.  Just espresso and water means they can’t hide burnt shots or crappy coffee beans.

I took a sip and joy pranced across my taste buds.  Little joy ferries flooded my senses.

The service was quick and friendly.  The barista was wearing, get this, CLOTHES!  The candy necklaces were free!  And they handed me a menu to take along so I would know what all they have available.

If you find yourself in Normandy Park, give these guys a try.  They’ll appreciate your patronage as they are a new establishment and you won’t regret it.  I worked in coffee sales and pretty close with our own roaster for a while.  Suffice it to say, I am more than a coffee snob.  I am down right picky.  Not rude but I can smell nasty coffee from a mile away.  Well friends your search is over.  Maybe you need a nice place to get a glass of wine, want homemade chocolates or just want excellent coffee.  At Oh! Chocolate you can have it all.

Happy Momma. :)

Happy Momma. 🙂

I should add, I am not in any way affiliated with Oh! Chocolate (except as a new customer that plans to return.)  I am not being compensated for this review.  These are my honest opinions and observations.

Dear Jesus, I am so excited to have such an excellent business near by.  I just can’t say enough good things about them.  Please bless this business.  Amen.


3 thoughts on “Oh! Chocolate, Fun Food Friday’s

  1. Such cute candy chomping guys – they look like they are having fun! So glad you have this cool place in your neighborhood xxoo

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