Be Thankful And Fruitful

Lately God has put on my heart, “Be thankful and fruitful.”

God promises in His word, the Bible, that to walk as a Christian you will suffer in this life. Here we find ourselves in the “almost and not yet” of sin and disease. We know we’re Heaven bound but man isn’t it clear we aren’t there yet?

On car rides, my son Hank has started asking, “Are we there yet?”

You know, I want to be annoyed by his repetitive inquisition but I am humbled instead. I cannot stand nagging yet all the while I nag the Lord, “Are we there yet?”

Well, the best I know to do with life’s less joyous occasions is to be thankful. Yes, thankful. Not just in spite of Satan’s frivolous and fruitless efforts to shake me and render me ineffective. I am thankful because God’s will is unstoppable even by my ineffectiveness. In fact, my knowledge of my incompetence and absolute need for Jesus, furthers His Gospel. Just as our pastor say’s, “It’s all about Jesus.”
Jesus, continually blesses us regardless of our efforts, failures, “self-sufficiency” and rebellion. It’s grace: undeserved favor.

I am thankful for the relationship Jesus gave me with Him.
I am thankful for the abundant blessings He has given me through knowing him.
I am thankful for a soft place to rest my weary, worry torn, Satan slandered soul. After a long day of insults from the father of Lies, God is constant and there. His word is alive. Have you ever read the Bible and felt that freaked out awesome feeling that you were literally being spoken to? Me too. 🙂
I am thankful for healing from stomach flu.
I am thankful God designed our bodies to deal with such a virus so effectively.
I am thankful my husband took off Monday and part of Tuesday to chase our boys while I stayed in bed.
I am thankful for how creative my husband is. While I was sick, he built the boys a sandbox!
I am thankful for sunny days. It’s nice to get vitamin D the good ole fashion way instead of a pill.
I am thankful for my sister’s safe flight to Kansas.
I am thankful for God’s watch and care over her.

I am thankful God blessed my sister with a promotion at work, an answer to prayer. 🙂

I am thankful for God’s deliverance for a good buddy and her family with money at a completely unexpected time.
I am thankful that God has built Mars Hill Church and that He made it my church home.
I am thankful for abundant fellowship.
I am thankful for the training process and my coach, Beth.
I am thankful that God is calling me to something bigger than myself.
I am thankful for the work the Holy Spirit chooses to do through me that I may witness it.
I am thankful for date night tonight!
I am thankful for every person who donates blood!
I am thankful for every time God uses me to further His name.
I am thankful that I belong to Him.
I am thankful that the flu hit our house the day before trash day both times and during the day after a full nights rest.

I am thankful for the gift of a WII from our friends; Peter and Christianna.  We use it to stream Netflix and it has been a priceless blessing to us!

I am thankful for my little boys.

I am thankful that Gideon has started counting and can say his alphabet!

Dear Jesus, thank you! Amen.


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