The New Sandbox, Frugal Thursday’s

For this week’s Frugal Thursday I am delighted to share pictures of our new sandbox! This dandy activity station was the fruition of my husband’s imagination earlier this week when I was ill. He is one frugal dude, no wonder I married him. 😉
In our garage, Bart had left-over supplies from building a raised vegetable bed a few years back. He dusted them off and cut them to make a raised sandbox for our boys. Next he cut out the sod laid in landscape fabric and poured sand on top. The boys loved it so much they couldn’t wait. As you’ll see below they started playing in it before there was any sand. Yesterday, the boys and I bought buckets and shovels at the Dollar Tree. The other toys were gifts. All together this was a pretty inexpensive and awesome idea. Go Bart!

Today’s frugal tip: The Dollar Tree accepts manufacturers coupons! So if you have a coupon for Reynold’s Wrap (foil) just to name one, head on over to the Dollar Tree to get it for really cheap!

Here are photographs of the boys and the sandbox:

frame with grass hank in fram playing in dirthank curly hair landscape fabricbart pouring sand boys in picsand and one truckhank in fram playing in dirt Hank wiht toys sand in box giddo close-up 2 giddo close-up 1

Gideon "washing" himself off with the hose.  All wet!

Gideon “washing” himself off with the hose. All wet!

Dear Jesus, thank you that it didn’t take Gideon long to figure out that he shouldn’t flick sand in his face.  The first night he played in the sandbox we were all a little worried.  Thank you for giving me  a creative and fun husband who loves his boys and serves his family well.  Thank you for the new sandbox too.  Amen.


2 thoughts on “The New Sandbox, Frugal Thursday’s

  1. I am so grateful that our little baby guys are blessed with such a wonder Dad & Mom to look after them, teach them so many things, and love them so well. I am grateful too that Mommy & Daddy are blessed with such wonderful little guys! What good pictures! xxoo

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