Redemption Group Celebration

Yesterday was the Spring 2013 Redemption Group Celebration. My brother-in-law, Boe, kindly watched the boys so Bart and I could attend. 🙂

I am rejoicing for two reasons:

  1. I finally told my Redemption Group leader that I feel called to serve in Redemption Group ministry.
  2. Two couples I have been praying for have seen awesome heart change and God is being glorified in new ways in their marriages.

About four years ago God put these words on my heart: “Serve suffering women.”  When I heard this I thought, “Lord, me?  Why me?  I am not sufficient.”

Well, I went along not really understanding this calling until three people in a matter of a few weeks all asked me if I had considered facilitating in Redemption Group.  I was faced with a very clear means to filling God’s calling.  To be sure, God has been equipping me since he laid those words on my heart through spiritual growth.  Still, I know that I am not enough.  In this I rejoice because I cannot be anyone’s savior.  I’m pretty sure a major qualification in leading others to Christ, is to know I am not the savior, Jesus is.  I think Jesus is best glorified when I see my absolute need for Him and His greatness.

I told my husband about this calling and a few others but for the most part I kept it a secret.  It scared me and I wasn’t sure what exactly God meant.  After the event yesterday a leader named Tammy came up to me.  I thought, “Thanks God!  Now I cannot stall any longer.”  To top it off in today’s sermon, our pastor actually told the church that if you feel called to serve in Redemption Groups tell your leed.  I had one of those moments where I really felt like the pastor was speaking directly to me.

Ok, God.  I’m getting the message.  I will obey.

I told my leader.  Now I can rejoice because I am on to the next step in following the Lord with regards to ministry of suffering women.  I am relieved to have exposed this secret and look forward to seeing what God does next.

The group meetings were split into men and women.  I had a heavy heart for the gals in my group and their specific struggles.  I also found myself praying for their spouses.  Yesterday, because God is really kind, I got to hear the stories of awesome heart change from two of those couples.  I was crying in my seat listening to their deep love of Jesus and how He is changing them.  I am so excited to see how God is being glorified.  I am rejoicing because I got to see increased oneness in their marriages.  When we get to see God moving, our hearts are burgeoning with joy!

Dear Jesus, thank you so much for Redemption Group.  Thank you for burdening my heart for this ministry.  Thank you that I feel very dependant on you for this calling, I also feel very honored that you would call me to this.  I trust you Jesus.  Thank you also for the way you are at work in all our hearts.  Thank you that the closer you bring us to yourself the more joy we experience.  Joy in our relationship with you, joy in our marriages and joy in our lives.  I pray for everyone going forward that we will remain thirsty for you and diligent to take everything to you.  Thank you that you are mighty and involved.  Thank you that your character is perfection.  Thank you that you love us no matter how undeserving we are.  Amen.


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