Preparing to Lead Acts 2:42-47

God stays busy, that is for sure. In preparing to lead this Friday’s Bible study, I see that mostly God is preparing. I am praying that He will work through me for His purpose. I am praying that everyone will have soft hearts to hear where God is calling them to grow and encourage others too.

I know God has a sense of humor. He knows me. He knows I will ask him, “Lord what should I do to prepare?”

Somehow looking to Him doesn’t “feel” like preparing. Maybe I’ll “feel” prepared if I study a lot and write out what I’ll say.


So what does it mean to lead?

In short, to be a Biblical leader, I must take responsibility and demonstrate a life that images God.

How do I do that?

I rely on Jesus, the Bible and conviction of the Holy Spirit. God knows best what He wants to do. I can trust Him to use me as a vessel to do His great work. I can also trust Him to bring others to himself.

So, Lord what should I do to prepare?

Maybe I’ll start with relaxing and trusting Him. 🙂

I’m excited for Friday as I get to see His work from a different vantage point. Please pray for me I haven’t lead a Bible study before. Thankfully, my coach (the actual study leader) will be right there and we have a predetermined curriculum to follow.

Dear Jesus, you now my heart. You know where I need you most better than I do. Please make me useful. Please help me to be calm enough to be effective.  Amen.


5 thoughts on “Preparing to Lead Acts 2:42-47

    • I completely agree. I didn’t address it here but I tend to be overly prepared. You are so right, God speaks through his living word. 🙂

      Alive because of Christ, Erica

  1. As the apple of his eye with a desire to fulfill his works, Christ will lead you in all you need to do to prepare. xxoo to all!

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