Toys & Fun In The Sun On The Cheap!

The boys and I went out to the Good Will yesterday to look for soccer cleats.  I am considering putting Hank in soccer camp but he needs cleats and shin guards.  Anyway, we tried the Good Will in the off-chance they’d have a pair.

No dice.

But, they have a lot of toys.  And what’s more is they are all out of the packaging so my boys could try them out and explore.  The deal was we could each pick one to buy.  Hank settled on a lantern.  Seriously!  It is so cute.  The tag said $0.99 but it was on sale 50% off so we paid a whopping $0.49.  Gideon liked a tambourine and I picked Nerf guns for them.  All total we paid $5.  To my delight Hanks lantern works!  We put batteries in it when we got home and it lit right up.  I think it will come in handy when we go camping this weekend. 🙂

giddo and his gun gun up close hank and his lantern lantern up close

These toys were good entertainment until the afternoon when we just got too darn hot.  It was 92 degrees!

So we improvised with some household supplies:

Plastic, kiddy slide, garden hose and Dawn dish soap

Plastic, kiddy slide, garden hose and Dawn dish soap

I especially liked this set-up because our boys are too young to understand how to run and slide.  So they slid down the kiddy slide and that sent them down the home-made slip-n-slide.

hank at bottom of slide hank sliding hank foot up giddo getting ready to slide Giddo foot up

Dear Jesus, thank you for fun times with my boys.  Thank you that they found good toys to bring home and that we all got outside to play today.  Amen.


2 thoughts on “Toys & Fun In The Sun On The Cheap!

    • I love this post. Look at those adorable baby guys and how much they are growing and growing!!!! Ah – it is GREAT to be a Grams!!

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