Camping With Little Guys Is Exhausting!

We arrived home yesterday afternoon after a three-day and two night camping trip in Port Ludlow (near Port Townsend).  Every year Bart’s extended family gathers for a big Independence Day picnic.  The picnic typically falls on the Saturday closest to July 4th.  We circle up and count off before we pray and eat.  This year there were 90 people in attendance!  Pretty amazing.

Bart’s extended family owns a large plot of land and the connecting beach.  In years past we’ve sat by the morning fire watching bald eagles soar overhead.  We’d sip coffee and breath in the cool sea air while the morning sun glistened over the water.  The view is glorious.  

This year both our boys were walking so things looked a little, um, different.

We arrived Friday afternoon, set up our tent (well Bart did) and began a weekend of chasing our children around.

Not.  Relaxing.

And there was no time to take pictures.

Thankfully my sister-in-law, Lacey, is a professional photographer and obliged to take a few pictures of our little family.  I love her photo’s.  I’m sure you will too.  Stay tuned when I get them I’ll do a post.  🙂

Bart bought a new tent for our family Friday morning.  Click here to see the one we got.  If you have a Costco near you check there first because they sell the same tent for less than Amazon.  Until this year we had a tent that was better for hiking but now we have a tent you can actually stand up in.  It’s a 10 person tent and would be awful for hiking.  For the fourth of July weekend we camp on a lawn just beyond the beach.  Our new tent is GREAT!  I completely recommend it.

Our boys are 3 and almost 2.  That being said they are very active but not old enough to be proficient at, or really interested in, contingent play.  Practically this means they were constantly running in opposite directions!  Hank loves water and at one point went for it!  I was several feet away when he unexpectedly ran straight into the bay and tried to swim.  There were two major problems: he doesn’t know how to swim and he wasn’t wearing a life jacket! Thank God, his bigger cousin (Cooper) rescued him before his head went completely under.  Cooper said, “You should have seen Hank’s face.  It was like he ate a nasty pepper.”  I bet he was surprised to have a mouth full of salt water.  It was nothing like his 12″ deep kiddy pool.

Cooper is my hero.

When we arrived home Sunday we were exhausted and dirty from running around and playing on the beach.  So the first thing we did was clean-up.

Here is a picture of the boys cracking each other up in our bathtub:

boys in tub in towels

For kicks I washed my right foot…

different colored feet

Judging by my left foot, my “tan” washed off.

Dear Jesus, thank you for making me well enough to chase our boys all weekend.  It was tiring but it felt so good to be able.  Thank you for the safe drive there and back and for all the family we got to see.  Thank you for Cooper.  Amen.


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