Pray For Sherrie

Dear Readers,

If you pray, pray extra for Sherrie.  I received a picture of her yesterday from my Mom.  She is my Mom’s cousin.  She is battling cancer right now.  I saw a picture on her Facebook page from last November and the comparison from then to now is stark.  I think back on last November and that was the beginning of recovery for me from severe illness.  For her it was the time leading up to a discovery of cancer invading her digestive system.

Sherrie is a Christian and is clinging fast to Jesus.  Even in her recent photo she is smiling.  Though she looks so different now, she is finding joy in the Lord.

My heart breaks for her suffering.  Please pray that God works a miracle and heals her.  The doctors offered the option of not treating it so that she could live her last days without the horrible side effects of chemo and radiation.  She decided to take on treatment and is an incredibly faith-filled woman.

Here is her public Facebook photo (for privacy reasons I won’t include her current picture since she hasn’t made it public):

Dear Jesus, I know you do miracles.  I know that you healed me and many have seen the joy of your hand wiping away every tear.  Lord miraculously heal Sherrie.  May her story be one that brings you glory and her joy.  Please make your presence known to her that she may never feel alone.  Amen.


One thought on “Pray For Sherrie

  1. Thank you Erica. I love my dear cousin and pray for Christ’s intervention that she may fulfill his glory in her. I pray that her healing will glorify him most. xxoo

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