A Boy And His Daddy’s Boot

A man passed away leaving his bride behind.  Somehow he’d amassed a rather large collection of work boots and cowboy boots still in their boxes with receipts!  Bart stopped over a few nights ago and took a look.  The gal said she’d take whatever for them and that they just needed to be sold.  Bart wound up with two pair cowboy boots and 3 pair work boots!  When he arrived home the smell of real leather filled the house.  It was like a really nice Christmas and everyone was excited.  Bart pulled each pair out of their packaging to show the boys and me.  Hank took a particular liking to a pair that Bart said, “If I only got these I would be happy.”

Hank and the Boot

Hank carried that boot all around the house yesterday.  In this picture he was just holding it while watching a show.  When I put Gideon down for a nap, Hank (who I thought was washing his hands) filled that boot with water in the bathroom sink!

Oh dear!

When I found him I just said, “Oh no!” several times.  Hank looked concerned too and said, “Don’t worry momma we can get another one, there’s two.”  🙂

Sweet little boy.

I explained that I hoped it wasn’t ruined and then we agreed we should pray.  I prayed that the boot would be ok and that Hank would remember not to put water in it.  Then Hank closed the prayer saying, “Amen.”

I just love Hank SO much!

Here are some more shoe pictures:

cowboy boots #2

My favorite ones that he got.

My favorite ones that he got.

Hank and Bart's favorite pair.

Hank and Bart’s favorite pair.

leather office shoe

Dear Jesus, thank you for the abundant blessing on Bart.  I am amazed that someone nearby was selling new boots in Bart’s size for so cheap.  They are good shoes and should last Bart a really long time (provided they don’t go swimming anymore). 😉  Amen.


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