Hank In A Full-Face Helmet

Hank is starting to ride a training bike called a Skuut.  It has no pedals and is used to practice the balance required for riding a bike later.  Hank found Bart’s old full-face helmet and decided that he needs to wear it while he rides.  I’d guess that if he feels it necessary to use my regular helmet for walks (click here to see what I mean) then naturally a full-face is in order when on his bike. 🙂

bike and helmethank putting his helmet onputting helmet on 2

Pretty hardcore if you ask me.

And a random tidbit from Gideon’s day:

During snack time, Gideon took a few bites from his Triscuit and said, “Q”.  I guess he thinks this looks like the letter Q.  I agree, smart boy.

Triskit Q

Dear Jesus, I so enjoy our funny and smart little boys.  Thank you that Hank is into safety already.  I pray he will always remember safety in his adventures.  Amen.

3 thoughts on “Hank In A Full-Face Helmet

  1. These little bikes are amazing. I was tripping out because I saw a little boy, I mean little…less than 1 and 1/2 riding a bike at the park the other day. I watched him ride with amazement, but he had peddles. I asked his father how old he was and how he can ride like that. He said it was a balance bike, that first they ride with no peddles then with peddles when they are ready.
    I’m looking into getting one for my 2 year old.

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