When They Play It’s A Blurr

Last night, when our boys started playing together, I had to get my camera.  This is a rare and exciting event for such small fellows to interact for more than a few moments.  They wrestled and giggled.  Hank would try to pull Gideon around by his arm and I would tell Hank to stop only to see Gideon sticking his arm out taunting him for more. They are so cute!  Most of my pictures are blurry because they were moving fast (and I’m a point and click gal).

boys on floor smiley hank giddo sitting hank looking at him hank choke hold blurry action shot hank picking giddo up

Anyway these pictures aren’t pretty but you get the idea.  They were playing hard. 🙂

Dear Jesus, I pray the boys will grow up close as good good friends.  I pray they won’t ever hurt each other too badly.  Thank you that they are starting to show interest in each other.  Amen.

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