Buckleberries are huckleberries and blackberries together.  Hank often says he wants to go on a hike to look for buckleberries and last night Bart got home early enough for us to take a family walk.  We are very blessed to live close to the water.  We can take a short walk from our front door down a trail to the beach.  It was a perfect evening too.  I would guess it was in the low 70’s and the humidity was low.  Gideon rode in the Sherpani backpack and Hank walked alongside us.  On our walk we saw a slug, a major highlight for Hank.  We also saw huckleberries and blackberries galore, a major highlight for all of us. Maybe the very best part was when Hank saw a garter snake right next to us.  He asked me to pick it up so he could hold it.  Too bad I was hesitant because it slithered away. :/

happy daddy n boys

hank with bag of berries daddy n boys (walking away)

And the loot:

bowl of berries

Dear Jesus, thank you for family time.  It was SO nice to go on an outing together.  I am thankful that Bart was able to get home earlier.  Thank you for the abundant berries and beautiful weather.  Thank you that the boys had so much fun too. Amen.

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